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Automotive Care Products

Devsons have now been appointed as sole agents for Spanjaard Automotive Care Products in Kenya.

  • Air Conditioner Cleaner

    A refreshing odour-neutralising foaming cleaner, for auto air
    conditioning systems.

    • Kills odour-causing bacteria and fungi.
    • Effectively cleans and refreshes.
    • Revitalising “waterfall” fragrance, lasts for up to one week.

  • ATF Flush

    New fluid deserves a clean transmission. Cleans and prepares automatic transmissions for new fluid.

  • Battery Terminal Protector

    Apply after terminals have been cleaned.
    Will prevent corrosion.
    Blue – Protects terminals and all metal surfaces against
    corrosion – Suitable for home, car and industrial use


    Increases traction on all types of belt drives. Quick drying synthetic film gives longer life to old and glazed belts, and prevents hardening, cracking and staining.

    • Adheres to all belt materials without attracting dust
    • or dirt.
    • For use on V, flat and conveyor belts.
    • Prevents slippage and extends belt life ...

  • Bitumen Primer

    Liquid bitumen solution designed to penetrate and seal porous surfaces, protects bare metal surfaces against corrosion and act as a water proofing agent.

  • Brake Cleaner

    A heavy duty brake system cleaning spray for cleaning the drum & disc brakes, brake cables, rotors & disc pad/drum lining surfaces without disassembly. – Reduces disc brake squeal – Improves brake performance – Fast drying with no residue – Removes brake pad phenolic resins, brake pad dust and other brake pad degradation products – Meets European Union requirements for dust free maintenance

  • CARB Cleaner

    Cleans internally and externally, leaving a lubricating film for linkages and rose joints. – Removes gums, varnish and carbon deposits from carburettors internally and externally without dismantling – Cleans linkages, automatic chokes, PVC valves and jets – Improves fuel economy, performance and extends engine life

  • Carburettor & Fuel System Cleaner

    Cleans internally. Is used as a petrol/gasoline
    additive. Cleans while you drive. – Cleans dirty carburettor and fuel systems – Recommended for sluggish engines

  • Cockpit Extreme Cockpit

    Cherry, Lavender, Green Apple. – Contains high levels of silicone oil to restore and shine dull or faded rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces – Quickly cleans, renews and protects dashboards, seats, window and door rubbers, vinyl tops, bumpers, spoilers and tyres – Contains anti-static additives which minimize dust settling due to static

  • Contact Cleaner

    Industrial strength solvent cleaner for the cleaning of electrical and mechanical components

  • Diesel Injector & Fuel Conditioner

    Fuel additive for automotive and marine diesel engines. Cleans diesel engine injector nozzles. Dramatically reduces engine maintenance, eliminates smoking engines and contributes to fuel economy. Contains bacteriocide to prevent bacterial growth in storage tanks. The 375ml treats 75 litres of fuel. The bulk packs should be used in ratio 1 ...

  • DPF Cleaner

    Regeneration catalyst for blocked diesel particulate filters (DPF) which significantly lowers soot burn off temperatures, which is especially helpful in city driving conditions where the required regeneration temperatures are not reached.

    • Reduces soot build-up on sensors and particulate filters
    • Cleans while you drive
    • No dismantling required
  • Engine Cleaner & Degreaser


    Highly concentrated degreasing agent. suitable for all workshop applications. – Heavy duty emulsifi able solvent cleaner – Dissolves oils and greases and emulsifi es them so that they can then be rinsed off with water

  • Engine Flush

    New oil deserves a clean engine. Removes carbon and gum deposits without dismantling the engine. Restores compression and performance. Caution: In worn engines it will remove deposits, leading to increased clearances which could give additional oil consumption. – Contains a combination of powerful additives that remove harmful lacquer and sludge deposits ...

  • Extreme Kleen

    A powerful detergent cleaner in a trigger pump spray bottle. Green in colour. An environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner for the car, home, office and workshop.
    Cleans anything and everything. – Contains no abrasives, ammonia or bleach – A disinfectant cleaner that removes stubborn stains, oil, grease, grit and grime – Household: appliances, kitchens ...

  • Gearbox And Differential Lubricant Supplement

    Ideal for reduction plants & industrial gearboxes. Reduces electricity bill by reducing friction. MoS2 plating action on gears. Typical industry: mining, steel works and breweries. – Gives excellent performance in gearboxes (non-auto), steering boxes, differentials and transmissions in passenger, transport, earthmoving, industrial vehicles and equipment – Can be used as an extreme pressure additive in neat cutting oils to improve surface finish – Increases gearbox and differential reliability, reduces maintenance, overhauls and expenditure on ...

  • Hand Cleaner

    Superior quality hand cleaner with grit plus lanolin and antiseptic to protect the skin.

    - Extensively used by mechanics, motorists and “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts – Contains a scouring agent, which readily removes ingrained dirt – Contains disinfectants as well as detergents and therefore cleans effectively – Conditions the skin and is antiseptic

  • Leak Doctor

    Leak Doctor is a multi-functional oil additive especially suitable for use in high mileage or older vehicles. The special additives work in all oils to stop leakage caused by hard and brittle old seals, and help recover “like new”performance. – Reduces oil leaks by softening and expanding old seals – Improves ...

  • Leather Treatment

    An emulsion containing lanolin, carnauba waxes and leather fragrance to clean, protect and restore fi ne leather and plastic.

    - Suitable for all leather surfaces except suede – Protects from ultra violet rays that cause crackling, fading and dulling – Cleans and restores the original natural leather shine – Repels water

  • Liquid Grease

    Penetrates like oil, lubricates like grease. For chains, linkages & cables. (For non-black product use Chain & Linkage Spray.) – Transport vehicles uses: cable linkages, springs, hinges, locks, etc. – Industrial uses: wire ropes, winches, pulley blocks, cams, slides – Domestic uses: hinges, electric garage doors, slides & chains

  • Mag Wheel Cleaner

    A superior aerosol spray foam for cleaning alloy wheels. – Ensures that brake residues and dirt do not bake themselves into the clear lacquer which is used as the finishing coat on alloy wheels – Leaves behind a protective layer to retard adhesion of dirt and brake residues, making cleaning easier – The ...

  • Penetrating Spray

    High quality aerosol penetrating spray with soluble Molybdenum. Clean to use as it is not black. Offers good lubricating properties. For non-flammable product use the 400g version. – Quickly penetrates and frees seized and corroded nuts, bolts, rusty locks, door hinges and handles, sticky carburettors, throttle linkages and fittings. – Will loosen ...

  • Petrol Injector Cleaner

    Specially formulated to clean & ensure optimum performance of all types of petrol injectors & injection systems. – Cleans dirty petrol injectors and fuel systems – Contains no phosphorous, zinc, magnesium or other heavy metal components harmful to catalytic convertor exhaust systems used in
    motor vehicles – The additives used are approved by the Californian Air Resources Board for use in low exhaust emission vehicles


    Thread compound used for casing, tubing and line pipes in high temperature and high pressure environments.

    • A high temperature, low friction, anti-seize, anticorrosion assembly compound which ensures rapid and easy assembly and disassembly of threaded parts such as pipes, drill collars, tool joints, nuts and bolts in drilling operations.
    • Available ...
  • Power Steering Booster

    Power steering fluid supplement which replenishes additives in old fluid, extending useful life and ensuring smooth and optimal functioning

    • Excellent anti-wear properties provide additional protection for components
    • Improves friction performance for enhanced driver comport
    • Compatible with all power steering fluids
  • Power Steering Flush

    New fluid deserves a clean system. Cleans and prepares power steering systems for new fluid by removing sludge and varnish deposits from the system

  • Quick Start

    Aerosol spray for instant starting of petrol and diesel engines. Contains high vapour pressure hydrocarbons to give instant ignition in cold and damp weather when starting is difficult. Contains upper cylinder lubricant.

  • Radiator Flush

    For de-scaling and cleaning of cooling systems. – Dissolves and chelates rust, scale and sludge
    deposits – Helps prevent corrosion – Not harmful to hoses and gaskets – Safe on aluminium blocks

  • Radiator Sealer & Conditioner

    Radiator sealer. Protects against electrolytic corrosion. Lubricates water pump.

    - Seals small radiator leaks and stops head gasket seepage – Prevents rust and scale formation in aluminium and cast-iron engines – Compatible with all superior anti-freeze/coolant solution for all types of cooling systems – For best results, fi rst clean cooling system with ...

  • Tyre Fix

    Effectively seals punctures and re-inflates car and motorcycle tubes and tyres. Used as an
    emergency product. Tyre Fix is a puncture repair kit that allows you to get going quickly
    without a wheel change. 1 x can is enough for 1 x car tyre. Not suitable for large holes, rim ...

  • Windscreen Cleaner

    - A concentrated cleaner for addition to the windscreen washer reservoir. Removes grease, dirt, insects, etc. from windscreen and
    ensures smear free vision day & night. – 50ml – A super concentrated windscreen cleaner.
    1:100 dilution – Removes grease, dirt, insects etc from the
    windscreen – Ensures smear-free vision – day and night

  • Spark

    Multi-purpose lubricant which is a water and moisture displacer, cleans and protects against corrosion, lubricates and is an effective penetrating and release agent.

    • Di-electric strength of up to 38 000 volts.
    • 360° valve technology allows spraying at all angles including upside down.
    • Contains no silicone.
    • Provides a protective film which ...